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PurchaseRegion/WKWIBdarkblue.jpgThe WEST KENTUCKY WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD (WKWIB) is a nonprofit organization responsible for responding to training needs, economic development, and workforce development programs throughout the Purchase and Pennyrile regions. The WKWIB oversees the One-Step Career Center System in the region in conjunction with local elected officials.



PurchaseRegion/PADDlogo.jpgThe PURCHASE AREA DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT is an eight-county regional planning and economic development group.  The Purchase ADD has been an active and supportive partner with the WKWIB by providing staff and assistance for WKWIB activities/contracts throughout the region.  Its collaboration with and support of workforce development serves to enhance economic development initiatives in the region.




PurchaseRegion/TIPLogo.gifTIP STRATEGIES, INC. (TIP) is a privately held Austin-based economic development consulting firm committed to providing quality solutions for public and private-sector clients. Established in 1995, the firm’s primary focus is strategic economic development planning. In addition, TIP has experience with entrepreneurship, target industry analysis, workforce, and redevelopment. Our methods establish a clear vision for economic growth. Community leaders across the country have embraced the TIP model of Talent, Innovation, and Place to achieve successful and sustainable economies.